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A sexual discovery experience in a segregated future Spence ends up in the wrong restroom and loves it. A new slut is hypnotised to work at a Gloryhole. They explore the ultimate in anonymous encounters. He was a dirty old man, and I loved him. and other exciting erotic at! My wife and I take the plunge at an interracial swingers club A sexual discovery experience in a segregated future My visits to ABS and Glory Holes - In Search Of Cocksuckers. A bookstore experience of a budding cock-slut. and other exciting erotic at!

I grasped both sides of her panties. She moved her legs slightly apart, allowing me to slide them down as she spreads her thighs, showing me her neatly trimmed and waxed pussy for the first time. Glory Hole Diaries: 25 Super-Sleazy Real-Life Tales Of Oral Sex From Behind A Wall. By Lorenzo Jensen III ever been a woman on the other side of the glory hole, although once I did take a female friend with me. She said she wanted to try it. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox.

May 10, 2011 · As he pulled out I could feel it gushing out of me, warm and slippery. My husband pulled his hand from the hole and stuck his fingers back into my mouth. I could taste my own juices and the cum from the stranger that just finished filling my pussy. I went home with an 4.7/5(49). Billy Black's Story: Part One My name is Billy Black, and this is the first installment of my sexual adventures with men as well as women when I hitchhiked to Oregon. Please enjoy.

Seattle Glory Hole - by Bill Dennis - A young woman visits an adult ex shop, just to experience a glory hole. (MF, oral, first) Sex Shop - by Julieana - Sometimes called "Booth25" is a story about a young couple who go to a X-rated book story and stop in one of those "special" vedio booths. (M+/F, gloryhole). I worked as a gloryhole girl. So I used to work at a gloryhole. I was studying in London. I had no money and my stint as a librarian had come to an abrupt end when I quit out of sheer boredom. Scanning job listings I happened upon a vague advert offering opportunities at a 'gloryhole' - .