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how to measure you dick - How to Measure Your Penis Correctly - 5 steps

It goes without saying, but the only way to get accurate numbers for fitting a condom is to measure the penis while it's erect. Also, note that penis size can vary due to stress, fatigue, frequency of sexual activity, and level of arousal, so you may want to do several measurements at different times throughout the day, over several days. Jun 14, 2018 · If you want to learn how to measure penis size correctly, here are the three steps you must follow in order to get accurate results: #1 Measure The Length Of Your Penis. You can measure the length of your erect penis by pressing a ruler into your pubic bone. In my personal opinion, a ruler works far better than measuring tape for this test.Author: Benjamin Watson.

Well again you have to measure your penis in the morning, noon and evening. But each time you have to get 3 different measurements as well! First for measuring your penis girth you are gonna need a tape measure. Use it to measure your girth at the base of your shaft, at the middle of your . How to Measure Your Penis Girth. You can also measure your penis girth by wrapping a flexible tape measure around the middle of the shaft of the penis. Any part of the shaft will do, so feel free to find the widest point. The average flaccid penis girth is 3.66 inches and 4.59 when erect.

Apr 13, 2015 · If you don't press down on the pelvis, then you are measuring it in the "non-bone pressed way". Because of the variables of hair and fat, this is not a way to measure your penis correctly. The results need to take into consideration these variables, so pressing on the pubic bone is best. Another way of measuring the size of your penis is:4.5/5(22). Measuring the Size of Your Penis. Men have a lot of questions when it comes to measuring their penis. Measuring should be simple and easy, and it is once you know how to start. You’re going to need a ruler, and make sure that you choose a ruler with a flat end that isn’t sharp. A wooden ruler works well for this purpose, and they’re Author: Davis.