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Fist Power is a 2000 Hong Kong action film directed by Aman Chang, starring Chiu Man-cheuk, Anthony Wong, Gigi Lai and Sam Lee.Shooting for the film took place in Hong Kong between February and March 1999. The film was released in Hong Kong theatres on 21 January 2000.Produced by: Wong Jing. The raised fist logo may represent unity or solidarity, generally with oppressed peoples. The black fist, also known as the Black Power fist is a logo generally associated with black nationalism and sometimes socialism. Its most widely known usage is by the Black Panther Party in the 1960s.

Dec 08, 2002 · Directed by Tom de Pékin, Lionel Soukaz. With Tom de Pékin, Farrah Diod, Christophe Marcq, Katharina Wartena.5.6/10(1). Apr 06, 1990 · Directed by Robert Resnikoff. With Lou Diamond Phillips, Tracy Griffith, Jeff Kober, Mykelti Williamson. A dedicated L.A. police detective and a female psychic must stop a demonic serial killer who was given the powers of resurrection, teleportation and possession.5.7/10(3.3K).

Jan 06, 2013 · Fist Power is a Hong Kong action movie directed by Aman Cheung Min.The film stars Anthony Wong,Vincent Zhao(True Legend,Fong Sai Yuk),Sam Lee,Cheng Pei Pei(Crouching Tiger),Lau Kar Wing(Knockabout),Jimmy Lee,Austin Wai Tin(Gang Master,Five Superfighters),Robert Mak Tak(Opium and the Kung Fu Master),Kara Hui Ying(My Young Auntie,Wuxia Donnie Yen)3.3/5(2). With humorous action underscoring the taut action, Fist Power is perfect for any kung-fu film lover's soul. This high-kicking martial arts tale stars Vincent Zhao as Cheuk, a security specialist Produce Company: Tai Seng.