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Apr 17, 2014 · Learn more about breast augmentation with an axillary (under arm) incision, as performed by plastic surgeon John Q. Cook, M.D. in Chicago and Winnetka. Breast Augmentation with an Axillary Incision. This may be of some appeal to a patient who wants to be very discreet about her decision to have breast augmentation surgery. Axillary Breast Augmentation (Minimal Incision Breast Augmentation) For many women, breast size is an important part of feeling good, desirable and normal. Most women compare themselves to a cultural idea of beauty. Having a breast augmentation procedure can .

Though axillary breast augmentation surgery is widely accepted by many surgeons, it is the least commonly used breast augmentation technique. In Portland and, indeed, throughout Oregon and Washington, the axillary endoscopic breast augmentation technique is . Transaxillary breast augmentation Miami. The transaxillary breast augmentation Miami surgery, also known as the armpit augmentation mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure that aims to enhance the size and appearance of the breasts to achieve symmetry through the patient’s armpit.. Within this article, we will touch upon the technique of this unique surgery, benefits, ideal candidates, highly.

The Axillary Incision Or Armpit Cut. The phrase "scarless breast implant technique" refers to a procedure whereby breast augmentation surgery is performed without leaving any surgical scars on your breast. The surgery is performed via a small incision in your armpit. The surgery will leave a scar in your armpit, but there will be no. Transaxillary Breast Implants (Armpit Incision) Transaxillary Breast Implants: Armpit Incisions. When it comes to breast augmentation or breast enlargement surgeries using quality implants (Mentor or Motiva), there is an armpit incisions method known as the Transaxillary Implant Incision.. This method of implant insertion – where the incisions are made along the armpit areas – can help Occupation: Specialist Plastic Surgeon.

Mar 17, 2010 · A variety of incision options are currently available for breast augmentation surgery.Each of these incisions offers advantages and disadvantages. The transaxillary approach utilizes an incision in the armpit.Incisions in the armpit are well-hidden, but there is the potential for implant malposition and superiorly positioned implants with this.