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Isabella Is a kind, animal lover and lovely fourteen girl who has a wicked step mother and step sisters, who wasn't very pretty. But Isabella was. She moved into Atlanta from Georgia. She never got a chance to see the outside world. When she goes to school she meets a boy, Chandler Riggs, who pl. Wicked Lovely. Amethyst seemed to greedily drink up the hesitant garnet gaze of his newest toy before the garnet hid themselves behind pale lids and a fan of soot black, lashes. He was enchanted. He wanted to .

Read Deranged Beauty (Wicked Lovely fan fic) from the story Deranged Beauty: A Wicked Lovely Fanfic by figgyfan with 476 reads.I can't belive I'm saying this Reviews: 5. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.