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EL Civics Website for EL Civics Students: Civics Lessons, ESL Worksheets, ESL Lessons, Quizzes, ESL Photo Stories, EL Civics Videos, Crossword Puzzles, ESL PowerPoints, National U.S. Holidays, and Pictures. Material for EL Civics and ESL students and teachers. EL Civics Emergencies: Pictures and 37- question quiz. Easy multiple choice questions about calling 911 to report an emergency. Perfect for ESL and EL Civics students at the beginning levels.

USCIS offers lessons and N-400 topic exercises for ESL teachers preparing students for U.S. citizenship. Materials include: American History and Government, and Integrated Civics for the civics test Vocabulary practice for the reading and writing tests. ESL Lifeskills Lessons by www.elcivics.com. Lifeskill lessons teach key vocabulary words, phrases, and questions so students can successfully complete day-to-day tasks. These lessons are designed for beginning to intermediate ELL, ESL, and EFL students.

English Literacy(EL)/Civics Resources - Adult Education and Literacy Services. English Literacy (EL)/Civics Lesson Plans These lesson plans are an outcome of Maryland's Spring 2009 EL-Civics training. Center for Adult English Language Acquisition Definitions and resources are included for EL/Civics at this site.