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Spread the humour Funny Sardar Jokes Clean Funny Sardar Jokes in English Will and Guy publish our favourite Sardar or Sadar-Ji jokes to entertain. We seek to honour and to publicise Sikh humour, we do not mean to show any disrespect to the Sikh communities throughout the world. Introduction to Sardar Jokes Will and Guy’s Read more. Sardar SMS Jokes and Santa Banta SMS Collection - Latest and Best of Sardar SMS Messages. Read and Share the funniest of Sardar SMS Jokes.You'll find some of the most popular, most humorous and most enjoyable Sardar Jokes and Sardar SMS Messages here.

Sardar Jokes define humor. Funny Sardar Jokes shows great sense of humor of Sardar Jis. Best Sardar Jokes acknowledges Sardarjis are the the coolest people, with full respect. All jokes about Sardar Jee are entertaining but one of them is exceptionally amazing and points to some “reality”. The ‘laments of a Sardar Jee’s widow and her son’s query, “Baybay, kidray Abaa Pakistan tay nahin tur gaya?”, is mind-boggling for natives of Pakistan.

SARDARJI JOKES. Top 10 sardarji inventions.. 1) The water-proof towel 2) Solar powered torch 3) Submarine revolving door 4) A book on how to read 5) Inflatable dart board 6) A dictionary index 7) Ejector seat in a helicopter 8) Powdered water 9) Pedal-powered wheel chair 10) Water-proof tea bag. Best jokes on sardarji and blondes on the internet. I am sure you will laugh at this funnny Indian jokes on sardarji sardar and blondes with these jokes and cartoons desi masti. Homepage of Jayesh Patel.

May 15, 2008 · TAMIL Sardarji Jokes What are the degrees of egoism in Tamil Nadu? I, Iyer, Iyengar. They saw one sardarji in front of a hospital (Breach Candy) was trying to fill some form. He who captures an adult Lion and brings it back alive in the fastest time will be adjudged the best.Author: ss. Mar 27, 2007 · Sardar Jokes Collection. 1.. A Teacher told all Students in a class to write as essay on a CricketMatch. All were busy in writing except one Sardar. The doctor told Sardarji that if he ran eight kilometers a day for 300 days, he would loose 34 kilos. At the end of 300 days, Sardarji called the doctor to report he had Author: Rajesh.