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Egg Laying Chickens. Brown Egg Layers; White Egg Layers; Blue and Green Egg Layers; Dark Brown Egg Layers; Broiler Chickens; Rare Chicken Breeds; Fancy Chickens. Silkie Chickens for Sale; Feather Legged Chickens; Long-Tailed Chickens; Crested and Polish Chickens; Bantams; Small Chick Order Specials; Ducks for Sale. Call Ducks for Sale; Rare. This page is for buying only grown fowl. Please refer back to other pages in the site to buy baby chicks. Again this page is only for Cackle Hatchery®'s listing of available grown birds for sale. All grown birds are juveniles (up to one year old), and depending on season of the year and age of the birds, they will likely NOT be in full feather.

Brown Egg Layers; White Egg Layers; Best Egg Laying Chickens; Dual Purpose Birds; Home / Juvenile and Adult Birds / Adult Standard Chickens. Laying Hens for Sale - 17 Weeks Old: 6/26/19 Ship Date. These 17 - 20 week old female chickens have been "started" for you. All birds are beak trimmed, floor raised and vaccinated. Buying Adult Chickens. If you’re ready to start with chickens and want to have eggs right away (you just can’t wait), you’ll need to purchase adult chickens. While it is possible to purchase started birds from hatcheries, it’s pretty expensive to get them this way.

The Orpington breeds were developed in the 1880s. The Buff Orpington, is a well known breed with a rich, outstanding golden buff color. These large quiet dispositioned friendly birds have been a back-yard flock favorite for many years. With our Egg Collecting Apron you get a beautiful pop of color in your everyday life and home. The kids egg gathering apron from Fluffy Layers is the only egg gathering apron for Farm Queens and boasts: ***Easy Collection while Cleaning the Chicken Coop, Filling the Chicken Waterer or Chicken Feeder ***Holds Up to 10 Jumbo Sized Eggs-.

These birds are our best egg laying birds. Pay attention because some of them will lay brown eggs and some will lay white eggs, but they are all known for laying lots of them. As you browse check out our egg selling supplies which could be just what you need if you have these great egg layers. Baby Chickens For Sale. Got Chicks™? If you have been looking for egg-laying and meat chickens for sale, Cackle Hatchery® has a wide range of options to choose from. We only offer high-quality breeds, including bantam chickens, standard old English game and other terrific choices.